Our Mission

Conquer was founded on one simple belief: that no person with a food allergy should have to feel anxious eating out at a restaurant. We are here to help people with dietary restrictions enjoy dining out with confidence.

We have found ourselves hesitant to stray from our usual "safe" food orders at our favorite restaurants and wanted to change that experience for ourselves and for anyone else with dietary restrictions.

Conquer was born out of the uneasiness of eating out with allergies and will continue to work relentlessly to ensure that everyone can dine out with complete peace of mind.


Meet The Team

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Bridget Bayer

Director of Marketing

I graduated from the University of San Diego where I had a strong interest in studying non-profits. I worked several years in the non-profit sector and knew I wanted to work for companies that would allow me to make an impact on our community. When asked to join Conquer, I jumped on the opportunity to bring my talents and passion to the team as their Marketing Director. I'm stoked to work for Conquer and bring people peace of mind when dining out, and make a difference in the lives of those with food allergies.


Bridget Smith

Social Media Manager

I am currently studying Marketing at the University of Scranton. With never having an allergy, one may be shocked about my involvement with Conquer, but when my brother told me about this start up idea, I knew I had to get involved. The passion, drive, and creativity we all share here is unmatched and I just love being a part of the Conquer Fam - I know you will too!


  Matt Bayer  

  Co-founder, CEO  

I developed a dairy allergy during college and soon learned how hard it was to dine out with food allergies. It became a struggle for me to eat out at restaurants, especially because some places didn't know what allergens were in the food they were serving. After many negative experiences I wanted to find a way to help the millions of other people that share in my struggles dining out.

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  Jon Tudor  

  Co-founder, CFO  

I have lived with food allergies for as long as I can remember. I have always had to rely on asking servers if a particular menu item would be safe for me and as a result my experiences dining out have been filled with a sense of anxiousness. I have found myself hesitant to try new restaurants with friends or stray away from a few basic menu items because of my allergies - it's time for all of that to change.


  Jack Smith  

  Co-founder, CTO  

I may not have any food allergies myself, but the mission of Conquer resonates with me all the same. I hope to play a part in creating a world where those with food allergies are able to dine out with peace of mind, knowing that the food they are consuming is safe. Our idea is unlike any technology on the market today, so my job from day one has been turning our vision of a worry-free dining experience into an intuitive application.